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Flat White Picture Frame 30mm ( All Sizes Available)




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The Flat White Picture Frame is 40 mm Frame that comes in a Flat Black Woodgrain Finish which is 40 mm Wide. The Picture Frame is Wrapped MDF Frame. It is made up of timber from sustainable forests and is a modern, elegant and flat design.

All of our frames come complete with Perspex front and MDF backing board. A piece of sticky plastic is on either side of the see-through Perspex that needs to be removed before adding image. The frame is ideal for pictures, art, photos, certificates, graduation photos etc. It is available in all popular sizes and colours at best price range. The dimensions are for display area and do not include the complete frame size.
Kindly place your order for the picture frames and get high quality well wrapped frame delivery in 1-3 days.
Frame sizes 16" x 12" and above are for hanging only. 


  1. 30mm Flat White Wide Picture Frame Moulding
  2. Available in a Flat White Wood grain Finish 30 mm Wide
  3. Safe Perspex Front Ideal for Work and Home with backing board
  4. Can Hang or Stand Landscape or Portrait
  5. Made in UK

We are leading manufacturer of high quality bespoke picture framings with professional image printing and photograph framing.

We have 30 years of experience for exceptional craftsmanship, friendly and knowledge based services. We specialize in the manufacture of all types of picture framing products including picture frames, mounts, mirrors, framed art, printing and framing, photo on canvas, ready picture frames and football shirt framing.
We can provide you with custom size or ANY SIZE TO ORDER as per your requirement basis. Contact us for costs at 01274 724 411